Friday, February 26, 2010

Recycle Crafts

I love to recycle "garbage" and turn it into a craft project. I let Briggy play and build with cardboard canisters and tp rolls...but one thing I have been accumulating lately are baby food jars. Mr. Oliver goes through 6 a day! Here are some fun tutorials I found recently! Fun Fun Fun!

Baby Food container Tutorial

Pincushion Tutorial

Even though I have nursed both Brigham and Oliver, I do have some empty formula cans and nut-cans that I can use to make this other fun project!

Twine Covered Can Tutorial



Saw you listed on Texas-Blogging-Gals.

I really like projects that use ordinary supplies (like the empty cans and jars).

You have some good ideas here.

One thing I've done is to put the paper crafting supplies that I use the most (decorative scissors, pencil, marker, glue stick, glue bottle, etc.) in a altered ice cream carton. I covered it with old sheet music, fabric and a cut-out of a party dress that I watercolored.