Sunday, February 21, 2010

Awesome Walgreens savings for 2/21-2/27

My 2 favorite deals for this week are AWESOME! Mainly, because last week Tom asked me to pick up deoderant because his 'stash' was running low. (If you saw all of my bathroom "stashes" you would think im crazy...I honestly have at least 6 of everything you could need for personal care...thanks to walgreens!)

Here is the deal scenario to get you quite a bit of goodies!

Excedrin Menstrual Complete Express Gels 20 ct get $2 RR (this deal ends 2/27)
This week they are on sale for $2.50 each. They are NOT advertised at this price, but should ring up that price...(have them scan it before you pay just to make sure)

There are 2 separate sites you can print out $2 off coupons. You are allowed to print copies of each coupon TWICE on each computer, so after you are done printing, make sure to click back and refresh the screen. (I know lots of people have multiple coupons, so this is where you can get a crazy stockpile of coupons--I only have one computer and do just fine...but it would be nice to have more!)


answer the survey question "excedrin" and you'll be able to print off the coupon

2) has $2 off coupons--look under the "healthcare" button on the left side.

That will give you a total of 4 coupons.
Grab 4 boxes of excedrin, and ring each box in separate transactions. You will pay 50 cents for each one, then you will recieve a $2 register reward (Do this four times, dont pay with the register rewards)
Total out of pocket cost is $2...but you will have $8 worth of register rewards!!!

Now you have $8 "Walgreens Money" to use towards a transaction of Right Guard Deoderant!

They are on sale BUY ONE GET ONE FREE this week. Their cheapest price is the Right Guard sport in Solid or Gel for $2.99
Here are the following coupons for RightGuard:

1) has $2 off 2 RightGuard product (print twice!)
2) has $2 off 2 RightGuard product (print twice)
3) (fill out the quick info and you'll be able to print off 2 $1.50 off coupons--make sure to print twice!)

When you use 2 of the $1.50 coupons you will be getting both RightGuards for free Because 2 RightGuards=$3
When you use the $2 off 2 coupon you'll be getting 2 RightGuards for 50 cents each.

Thats 6 sticks of deoderant for $2....use one of your $2 RR from the excedrin deal (plus very cheap filler items--because you'll have more coupons than product...I would buy the Royal Pudding thats on sale for 25 cents with the in-ad coupon) and that transaction will be free--or a few cents, depending on what filler item you use!

Remember, you have a total of $8 RR, so you'll be able to do buy more deoderant depending on how many coupons you have printed off!

I know im not the best at explaining all of this--it makes a lot more sense in my head than putting it into words on here, but if you have any questions you can always comment or message me and ill try to walk you through any problems...or of course check out all my fav coupon sites:

I will be free of menstral related headaches and my husband will be smelling nice for quite awhile thanks to Walgreens :)
Good luck!!