Thursday, March 4, 2010

Baby shower gift

Im pretty sure my sister-in-law Amy wont be checking out my homemaking blog while she's on an anniversary vacation with her its safe for me to post this so my mother-in-law can see it! It came out pretty nice--the blue base is a little brighter than what I wanted, but for the most part I like it--I hope amy does too!


Grandma Tina

The blocks turned out very cute! We are going to use it for a centerpiece. The colors are perfect!

Cute ideas! Thanks for stopping by, and sending me an email, I wanted to do the same! I love this shower gift, I just had a little boy on Monday....stop by to see a picture if you have the time!



I want on TOOOOOO! So cute!

Kelly Tillotson

devon-let me know what color scheme you have for the boys room and ill whip one up for you. i can make it say anything you want :)

Boutique on Feet

So cute - love those!