Friday, January 9, 2009

Resolution continued...

Facet #7
An ideal homemaker plans a program or a schedule for each day so that she is the master, rather than the victim of her work.

Facet #8
An ideal homemaker is prepared to perpetuate the good things she learned in her own home and is ever alert to new ideas and hints which will make her work more effective and help her to be an increasingly better homemaker.

Facet #9
An ideal homemaker is consistent in applying the best skills and methods she knows. She has a built in self starter.

Facet #10
An ideal homemaker's activities are well balanced. Though she may be noted for a specialty and devote a major part of her time to one particular phase, she doesnt spend all of her time cooking, nor does she concentrate just on sewing, or on cleaning or on reading, or on outside interests. She reaches out to include in her life stimulating projects which serve as an incentive to her.

Facet #11
An ideal homemaker is able to transform four walls into a home by creating both spiritual and physical beauty therein.

Facet #12
She will be ideal in her role as homemaker, not only because of the countless current values, but because her example and teachings will live at least another generation through her children.

Facet #13
An ideal homemaker will encourage family traditions to add color and depth to the great picture she is painting. Instead of her home being just a "short order house" it will be a hallowed place where children learn lifes great lessons, gain proper values, and build memories which will enrich their lives and help determine their destinies.

Facet #14
An ideal homemaker exercises patience, understanding and imperturbability* unless controlled anger and reasonable discipline are justified. She will do her best to take those occasional "bad days" when everything seems to go wrong in her stride, realizing that she needs some valleys in order to appreciate the mountains.
*adjective incapable of being upset or agitated; not easily excited; calm: imperturbable composure. (had to look that one up!)

Facet #15
An ideal homemaker is the type of companion and wife who merits the appreciation and cooperation of her husband and helps him want to do his part well as a husband, father and provider.