Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Art of Homemaking

As many of you know, Sister Daryl Hooles homemaking books are only second to my scriptures. I cherish every word this wonderful woman has ever written! I have had selections of her books in blog entries last year, but this year I thought I'd share with you the 20 facets of an ideal homemaker. All 20 are my new years resolution.
Oh, I forgot to mention that even though I've read this book (and later variations) several times, I LOVE LOVE LOVE it more than anything...and my very kind and generous sister jessie sent me a PERFECT CONDITION FIRST EDITION of the book (1962) SIGNED!!! by Sister Hoole. THANNNNK YOU JESSSSSSSSSIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daryl Hoole has written and lectured extensively on home management and family living. She authored six books, including the long-term, best-selling The Art of Homemaking. Recently her new book The Ultimate Career — The Art of Homemaking for Today was published and is being enthusiastically received. She has been in demand as a speaker for women’s groups throughout the United States and Canada and has spoken at Education Weeks for over twenty-five years. She has served in all the Church auxiliaries and was a member of the Primary General Board. She fulfilled two missions to The Netherlands, once when her father was mission president and later when her husband presided over that mission. In addition, she and her husband recently served a third mission in Asia as area welfare-humanitarian administrators, based in Hong Kong. Daryl and her husband, Hendricus (Hank), are the parents of eight living children and the grandparents of thirty-six. She currently serves with her husband as a member of the Young Single Adult Coordinating Council of the Bonneville Region in the Salt Lake City area.

Here are the first FIVE facets along with a little explanation:

"I like to think of an ideal homemaker as a diamond, perfectly cut so as to bring out contless beautiful highlights. Just as each diamond is cut a little differently in order to make many facets, so is each homemaker a distinct individual with her own special traits and talents. But in both diamonds and homemakers, certain qualities must be present if each is to sparkle brilliantly and thereby be valued and cherished."

Facet #1
An ideal homemaker is lovely to look at and lovely to be around. She has a wholesome attitude and a pleasing appearance. She has the courage to be happy and strives to live above the grievous faults of moodiness, sulkiness and complaining. She is gracious and thoughtful and is consequently adored by her family and admired by all who know her.

Facet #2
An ideal homemaker is ambitious and enthusiastic through application of the law that how one feels emotionally greatly determines how she feels physically.

Facet #3
An ideal homemaker is devoted to the great career in which she is engaged. She is a professional in her field by being a homemaker everyday and lettiner her devotion and sense of duty, rather than her moods, dominate her.

Facet #4
An ideal homemaker is skilled in tasks required to manage a home. She keeps her house neat and attractive; she prepares tasty meals and serves them on time; she is able to turn out a gleaming white wash; and she keeps family members clothes well mended and pressed.

Facet #5
An ideal homemaker makes the best use of her time and energy by being efficient so that she is able not only to keep up with her housework, but sheis able to be a companion to her husband and a friend and teacher to her children. She is also able to pursue some personal interests which further contribute to her happiness and development

and I know I only said the first 5, but Facet 6 is one of my favorites....

Facet #6
An ideal homemaker realizes that many of life's choicest blessings are gained only through hard work and there accepts work as a challenge and an opportunity rather than a burden.

Stay tuned for more facets/resolutions for 2009 :)

*you can also check out sister hoole's website*