Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Enrichment Night

This evening we had a really lovely enrichment night. We read a very sweet and moving childrens book...I believe it was called "The Crippled Lamb" by Max Lucado. We had tons and tons of yummy treats and a white elephant gift swap! I recieved a red-holiday hopefully I'll be able to use that next year when we have a home and a dining room table!! *cross your fingers*
I was asked to share a little holiday story or memory, and after talking with my sister Jessie, I decided on the candy cane story. We both recall learning about the significance behind the tasty treat in CCD many years ago. I remembered how it symbolized the shepards crook, the J for Jesus, and that the red represented Christs blood shed for us...but Jessie came across this sweet poem that I printed out on cardstock and added a candy cane. This would be a nice thoughtful "gift" for a woman you visit teach or a neighbor.....

Jesus, Gentle Shepherd,
this cane of red and white
proclaims the sweet love story
born on Christmas night
This cane, you see, when turned around
begins your name of Love
and now becomes a symbol
of peace proclaimed above

The lively peppermint flavor
is the regal gift of spice
The white is your purity
and the red your sacrifice

And so this cane reminds us
of just how much you care
and like your Christmas Gift to us
it's meant for all to share

Isn't that sweet? It's so nice to think about all Christ has done for us and the true meaning of His birth through beautiful (and tasty) holiday candy that you may have only thought was a "commerical" christmas accessory....I'm glad to know its so much more!



i'm glad it was a success. more and more i'm grateful for the lessons of mrs. murak, mrs. lewandowski, and our other CCD teachers.