Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pretty Paper Bows

I thought this tutorial was pretty neat....especially if you have loads of cute scrapbook paper that would make much prettier bows than the cheap dollar store ones I usually buy....guilty as charged! I don't think I'll get around to making these this year, but its definitely going into my favorite file!

Here's the link:



I was just looking at this tutorial yesterday! I remember making them years ago but couldn't remember just how I did it! so funny great minds think alike huh!


those look really cool! not sure if I'd be able to make them, I can hardly tie a real bow :)


you can make them with pages from magazines, even flyers in your junk mail... a fun way to be a little "greener" :)

Kelly Tillotson

thanks, jess. you're officially the homemaking haven's "green" consultant. :)
who used to always wrap in newspaper comic strips---I remember getting that when we were little.