Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A frugal Christmas

This year, Tom and I decided that we our going to "re-gift" our "vows" we made as a new couple last year (during a FHE we wrote lists of ways we could be better people and better spouses to one another) And work on them extra hard this year....this is in replace of typical Christmas gifts. I have also been buying and sanitizing second-hand Briggy gifts the past few months, so his toys will be shiny and him. There are a few sale items I'll pick up, but most everything is second hand or homemade. I thought I would be really depressed about this, but I'm actually feeling really good about not over-spending this holiday season. I have a tendency to go a little bonkers buying LOTS AND LOTS....a bad habit I am trying to break. But one of my most favorite things to do as a little girl was to make elaborate "what i want for christmas" lists to santa claus. I would cut and paste pictures of the toys I wanted on contstruction paper and send it to the north pole. So this year, I am going to blog all the wildly extravagant gifts I want, just for fun.

The Cricut Expression and a bazillion cartridges:

The Willow Tree Nativity:

Amazing Temple Picture:

Of course we would want the Boston Temple, but Tom's parent's (and Devon and Eric) were sealed in the Oakland Temple....I want to buy this for them someday soon!

A bazillion scentsys:


A Grecian Getaway:



See why I have to contain myself? No, this isn't a sneaky attempt for my husband to check my blog and see what a really want, and break the deal and buy me goodies. No, no, no---if you do, Tom, I'll be really upset! We've got to stick to our plan!!! :)
Just thought I'd make my greedy little wish list!


Brianne do have an extravagent wish list! I thought of you the day after Christmas when I was in Walmart...they had The Cricut for $199...I think that's a good deal?

I think it's great that you guys are going frugal for Christmas. There is really no need to spend a lot on Christmas gifts, that's not what Christmas is all about. I wish Scott's family could get use to that concept...Christmas is all about who can spend the most to them! I'm not use to that way of thinking at all.

Danny and Kate

If I had a billion dollars, I would totally get you the Grecian Getaway!

I'm really glad you told me you feel the same way about midwives. I just - don't you think it's weird that a man would choose his life profession to be looking at female private parts? That freaks me out. And yeah, I would so much rather have my birthing experience be about me and the baby instead of an impatient doctor. I'm sure there ARE good doctors out there, but...

I remember when you had Brig! You were in CT, if I remember right. It's so funny - it's not very far away, but yeah, it IS out of state!

I started putting comic books in our bathroom. If I have to go twice an hour, at least let it be entertaining! Maybe that was tmi...


What a great idea for Christmas! You are so wise. You will feel so much better in January when you don't have a bunch of bills to pay for all those purchases. I like the cute way you made your Christmas list though. It's always fun to dream.