Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Family Mission Statement

Ever since I saw that the Gosselins (back in the day many seasons ago when they were a happy family) Had a mission statement made up as a family, I knew I wanted to do one for our little family. Time passed, and I sort of forgot about it---but I've been seeing 'Family Rules' signs a lot of fun crafty blogs. This one in particular inspired me to make one of my own!

I wanted to use my cricut letters as stencils, and paint the the letters on, and I probably should have. I was too lazy and wanted something up fast (to cover up two big holes my husband accidentally put in the wall! eek!) so I just used cut out letters on paper squares. To be honest, I'm not 100% in love with it because its not what I had originally invisioned, so maybe ill redo it someday when I dont have another million projects swirling in my head (yeah right!) but for now, its a somewhat cute-hole cover-er.
I am making a "Backyard Rules" sign to nail up outside with cute rules like "swing super high" and "eat picnic lunches" stuff like that---I think im just going to modge podge paper letters on that one too.....we'll see.

We're almost done tidying up our front yard, so I put out a little bit of decor on the covered part of our porch. I covered ratty old pillow with burlap and stenciled on our initial and home address. Painted the wood "loveseat" and barn star....I sanded it in spots, but my "sanding sponge" kind of sucks. I need a better way to shabby-ify things up.

A few more projects that I can hopefully post pictures of soon are sillouettes of briggy and oliver on plaques in our dining room, and THIS AMAZING SANDBOX!
I had begged the author of to post plans for a pottery barn kids sandbox knockoff---and she just posted one on her blog. It seems relatively easy--Im just hoping I can find someone to aid me in my first building project!

Besides a few fun around the house projects like I mentioned above, Im starting to work on my best friends bridal shower that is red/black lingere "sexy and sweet soiree" as I make things I'll be posting them!