Friday, April 23, 2010

Caddy Crazy!

I love these plastic car caddy's at Walmart! They are $1.50 and come in [at least at my local store] orange, yellow, blue and lime green. I wish they had red so I could put some in my craft room---I might just do yellow up there. Anyway, I bought a ton to organize my overflow of personal care items that I've been getting so much of lately from Walgreens/CVS deals. I have 2 little parties tomorrow--a baby shower and a housewarming party. The shower is for a mother that just had her 3rd baby and requested diapers and wipes as gifts. I didnt want to just wrap up a sack of diapers and wipes, so I tried to think of something cute that wasnt a diaper cake [someone was already making one] this is what I came up with--its perfect for a portable changing station.

I wanted to decorate the wipes container too!

Then I thought I'd snag another caddy for the housewarming gift and fill it with cleaning goodies to store in a cabinet and keep organized!

I hope they like their gifts! I was a little hesitant on the "coopers pooper caddy" i thought it was cute and silly, but some people dont have my goofy humor and was nervous it might be in "bad taste" or offensive to the mother--I asked a few people and they thought it was hopefully she'll think its fun too.



you could always spray some red with the spray paint made for plastic, for your craft room.

they look great, i especially love the wipes box. very cute!


That's a really sweet gift! I'm sure it will bring a smile to her face whenever she has to tackle the tough jobs like cleaning the house and cleaning poop!!