Sunday, January 10, 2010

Relief Society Bulletin Board

I was itching to do a project with my new Cricut Expression (yea!) so I volunteered to do the RS bulletin board for the new year! The serenade cartridge that was a bonus with my cricut--it has some really fun girly elements, I especially like the trees, birds and scrolls. I was looking online for other pictures of RS bulletin boards to get some inspiration....because I know there has to be some crazy cute ones out there with all the crafty mormon talent goin' on :) But I couldn't find anything! I had planned on having a magnet board (the center piece, so fliers, reminders and birthdays could be easily changed) and also all the ribbon decor on top of it are magnets so teachers could use them in there lesson on the chalkboard if nessecery. One thing that I wanted to do was have really taut twine running horizontally (a few rows) in between the two squares, that you could hang pictures or additional little fliers with closepins (I had scrapbooked about 16 with coordinating paper) but after getting everything up on the board there just wasnt enough room without it looking too cluttered. I just used craft paper that you can find in the mailing section of any store...I love brown, tan...and it goes with all colors. I bought different colored ribbon so I could change the borders with each season (march--green, april--green and pink, may-july=red and blue, august (not sure yet), sept-nov brown and orange, december-red and green) and our ward lettering will change to match. That way you dont have to change too much up, but it stays current and festive!
Oh, and of course I had to make one of my signature clip boards to match for any handouts or sign up sheets that need to go around :)



this is so cute!


You don't know me but wondering what else you have done!Do you have any other pics of other months. I am doing our RS bulletin board and trying to get an idea....thanks for this post.


Karla, A Cali Girl in Idaho!

Thanks for posting what you did. I have been looking and cannot find any ideas... Can you post other months as well? Thanks!