Saturday, May 16, 2009

Briggy and Ollie's playroom....

is ALMOST done. I need to buy bean bags for the reading center and in front of the TV. I wanted those reallllly cute fancy kid cozy chairs that have their names stiched on from PBK or Land of Nod...but those are 100 bucks each! :( Too rich for my I'll probably end up buying 4 bean bags for walmart for the price of one cute long as they arent the shiny vinyl kind, they should look cute. I am also waiting to drive up to IKEA to get the red table and chair set...other than that, I am pretty much done...I have a spot for an easel, but I think I'll wait until Briggy is a bit older to put that in.....oh...and I was trying to figure out what the heck I could store books in that WASNT a bookcase (lack of room and they make me nervous with a very climby Briggy) I found these chrome plated magazine racks that hang (I guess theyre meant for the bathroom) Anyway, I want to buy three and spray paint them red and hang them up vertically in the space between the canopy and the window...they'll hold plenty of childrens books and look cute (I can't wait to post pictures!) I want to hang a large bulletin board up for when Briggy actually starts making pictures so I can display them....but I haven't found any reasonably priced boards (I want a pretty big four feet long) if any of you spot one, could you let me know?
Anyway, the main reason I am posting about the playroom today is the toy storage that I found last night at Walmart. I was planning on buying that (really cute) but really expensive toy drawer unit from ikea that I posted awhile back. It was reasonably priced ($300) compared to all the other storage units I had been looking at at other stores....but still a hefty sum. They had on display a "rollback" of these Sterlite "recycling center" drawer units. They only had four left (I kind of wanted I might venture out to the next town to see if they have any more...) But they are cute because they are a bright blue and green, and the boxes are SUPER DEEP and they can actually fit REAL toys...not those dinky little bins....they were only $14 for the 2 drawer $60 compared to the $300 makes mommy and daddy very happy! In the picture below you'll notice I have a cheap white laundry basket on top...I'm going to buy three more and spray paint them the bright cherry red to fit the longer bigger toys that wouldnt fit in the drawers...and give that wall the punch of red that it needs. I'll probably hang up the bright red clock I had in Briggy's old room up there too.
What do you think? maybe not QUITE as cute as the Ikea unit, but pretty good considering...and it will get the job done!

I found these at for $10.99 a piece. Not to bad...they'll look cute bright red hanging on the yellow wall!