Friday, October 31, 2008

Christmas Tree Shop

November 1st starts my official countdown to CHRISTMAS! I ALMOST exclusively listen to Christmas music (NSYNC's Christmas album is THE best :)
So to start my countdown, Briggy and I are heading to The Christmas Tree Shop tomorrow morning!! I hope to buy discounted Halloween decorations for next year...but I'll be able to scope out all the Christmas goodies!! I searched online to see if they had any printable coupons I could use....and they do have some, but you cant use them until November 10-16. Click HERE for the page to print them off!
I also found out that they are going to be filming Christmas Tree Shop's commerical tomorrow, so you never know--you might see Brigham and me on TV!!!



I LOVE The Christmas Tree Shop! =0)


I to am a big fan of nsync christmas! rock on. I also have a christmas album by 98 degrees tha tI love! last year I started listening to christmas music on October 1, but thought I'd hold off until november 1st this year. I'm glad I'm not the only one that starts this "early"