Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mothers Who Know

Still not feeling quite up to par, and nervous that my little brigham's immune system is still weakened...I opted not to go to church today. While Briggy is in "after brunch nap" I thought I'd do a little conference catch up. I remember one of my favorite talks last October was from Sister Beck. What suprised me the most was the harsh backlash and controversy that followed her beautiful talk on several "mormon blogs" I thought her talk was thoughtful and inspirational...we all should aspire to be the mother she talks about...this gospel is about progressing, isn't it? I think the reason why most of the women who got upset at this talk were seeing it as "You're not living up to these things so you are a mother who DOESN'T know..." which, come on, thats not the message at all. At any rate, I was looking online and I found this very nice presentation of her talk that I thought I would share with all of you. I am very excited for conference this fall!



I LOVE this talk. Thanks for posting it, I added it to my journal. I heard the talk a while ago, but I had forgotten about it. It is so beautiful with the music and pictures! Thanks again! Are you feeling better?


I'm glad I didn't hear those negative comments. I thought this talk was truly inspired. To me it set us as LDS women/mothers apart from mothers of the world. If anything it inspired me to be a better mother! to strive harder to create and maintain a positive an uplifting environment for my family. It's too bad that there were mothers out there that thought of it as an attack.
thanks for sharing! can't wait to see the fun things you have planned for tomorrow!