Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Learning Resources Gator Grabber Giveaway!

Right now Oliver is currently meeting once a month with a developmental therapist---A few months ago I felt he might be a little behind on some fine motor skills. He's really doing great, but I wanted to make sure he was on track. One of the activities we work on alot is grabbing and pinching with our fingers. Playdoh activities are good with this skill, but sorting with tweezers is also fun! we have some of the tweezers from the science kit from learning resources, which my older son can grab well with {4 years old} but Oliver still has a little trouble {2 1/2} These Gator Grabbers would be perfect for his little hands. A Mom's Balancing Act is hosting a giveaway for one that is open until April 2nd! Get your entries in today and Good Luck!