Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More Rhubarb Recipes!

Last summer I came across some new yummy rhubarb recipes, and this year as I was flipping through the May issue of Martha Stewart Living [one of my favorite magazine freebies I am lovvvvvvvvvving!] She had quite a few rhubarb recipes that I CANT WAIT to try!! I think I might make the Rhubarb upside down cake when I am out in CT for my mothers {50 and FABULOUS} birthday! Here is the main link to access all 33 of Martha's rhubarb recipes, and the newest upside cake is the last link!



Those look delicious! I've never tried rhubarb. What's it taste like?

Kelly Tillotson

it is super tart! but with sugar and berries--its a nice contrast. When I was little we just used to dip stalks of rhubarb in sugar. they are like super thick celery stalks with a red hue--the leaves are poisonous though!!


some of those looks very good! I love martha! I made an organic strawberry and rhubarb pie about 3 years ago, and am now thinking I should make another one.


Such a cute blog!!!

Thank you for your sweet comment over at Bird Crafts! I heart comments... :)

Anywho, rhubarb is one of my faves!!! I used to have a rhubarb bush in the UK, but have not got around to planting one here in France..

Rhubarb and apple crumble is totally divine!!!

Much love and thanks again,


I luv rhubarb and am always on the lookout for yummy recipes!

Thanks for sharing these mouth-watering delights :)