Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I am excited to report that my target couponing excursion was a success. They didn't have a few of the travel size items that I would have gotten for free, but I'm headed to Walmart tomorrow evening to see if I can stock up (renu contact solution and nexcare bandages) As well as $2 20-water bottle packs of Nestle Pure Life (I don't have any water stored in my food storage closet, so I thought this might be a good way to start it) $23.72 Kashi bill was slashed to $4.60!!!!
And I did some "frozen food" shopping so we would at least have some go-to items when I have Oliver and am not up to cooking....and saved $20.66 from my $45 grocery bill (I did buy things without coupons)

The best deal from the frozen food bill was the Eggo Bake Shop items. They are normally $2.79 (marked down this week to $1.50 at target) (however, it wasn't marked at the price, so I checked with a salesperson)
and there are $1 off manufacturer coupons for them at
so I bought 3 boxes of the twists, muffin tops and pastries for the SALE price of ONE! :) They come in handy for Tom's quick breakfast out the door.

I did buy some fancy new Degree deoderant with coupons....I got 2 regular size sticks for a little over a dollar a piece. They would have been nearly free If I had a coupon from a few weeks back..oh well...still way better than the $4.50 I normally pay for one!!!

There are SOOOOOOO many free sample sites that I feel are worth the minute or two to sign up...because when stock piled they can be put in 72 hour kits (most of the samples are healthcare products)

Yes, it does take a little time to search out the coupons (but not really with those sites I listed on the previous post--they do all the work for you!) but clipping the coupons and planning meals around what you can buy for pennies....makes me feel like I am contributing more to our families financial situation (in a positive way) since I am no longer working outside of the home.
Its worth it!! I would urge all of you to try it out!!!

*PS- I was so scared I was going to get a grump that wouldn't be nice about all the coupons, but the lady that rang me out was super nice and helpful. She even told me "you can always go to to print out extra manufacturer coupons" in her sweet texan accent... :)
They actually didn't have the 10 oz boxes of Kashi Heart to Heart cereal that the target coupon posted as I was able to get the next size up :) *