Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Visiting Teaching Project

Now that I am settled in our new ward (Kaufman) I have been assigned a VT companion and a few lovely ladies to visit teach.
I was trying to think of a useful gift to give but also something that would start off our friendship together....so I put together magnet boards for each sister that had magnets with each of our info and a magnet with a quotation on prayer from June's message.
I was going to apply spray adhesive to the board and paper, but I decided against it in case they don't like the paper I picked out...its just attached with glue dots on each corner. I think its a neat little gift and I hope they find them to be useful and fun!

Elder Bruce R. McConkie (1915–85) of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles:
“Prayer changes our lives. Through it we draw near to the Lord, and he reaches out his finger and touches us, so we never again are the same."



I'm going to miss having you as a VT companion! I will never be able to think up things this cute.


Can you come and visit teach me? I promise you will love Southern California.


Wow! That's amazing! I wish you were MY visiting teacher. I can't even my ward to assign me one. They told someone to send me letters, but I never hear from them. And letters honestly don't even begin to mean as much as an actual sister to visit with each month. I miss it.