Friday, March 27, 2009

Decorating 101

For the past couple weeks I have been submerging myself in home decorating blogs, flipping through magazines and trying to compile a list of all the new furniture we need to fill up our new home! Its been a little overwhelming because in the past (even at our little apartment since marriage) We never invested in nice pieces of furniture...and we werent allowed to paint and hang up too much there is a whole world of things we need to buy and explore!

I thought Id share some of my findings....partly so I can actually visualize the stuff in one spot, instead of going to each website and looking everyday.

Heres what I've been thinking so far....

When you first walk in the dining room is on your left. I found this VERY AFFORDABLE dining set at Walmart (BHAG Brand) It has been unavailable for the past couple months, and today when I went to add the picture, its back for sale--yea!!!

The guest bathroom is also a little ways down the hall on your left. Im not 100% on this, but its its a contender. I also found this at walmart.

The guest bathroom is also on the left, we are thinking of making it more masculine: Black, White and Charcoal grey. I want to frame up some vintage black and white baseball pics in there too. We'll have the computer in there along with a small sofabed....havent found one I exactly like for a good price.

The living room will have our olive green couches and this mahogany media center that is a little more than I wanted to spend, but not in the thousands like the Pottery Barn version. (This is also from Walmart--Canopy Brand)

The kitchen will be a rustic red/barn-country red color. Know what I mean? I have been having the DARNDEST time finding curtains/chair covers that I like to match. If any of you come across anything cute let me know. Im thinking of brown/cream/and the same red. I like gingham and plaid but I'm not sure thats the right route I should take....suggestions are more than welcomed!

My craft room. *sigh* I feel so grateful that I have such a sweet husband that is letting me use that space for all my crazy craft projects that never used to seem to get done at our apartment. Since I now have a great designated space, I will be sure to do more and I really really really want to learn how to sew, so thats on my to-do list too.
I love the turquoise/red/white combo...and recently while searching ideas with those combos I realized its pretty popular. I found this girls craft room which is very similar to something I would like to do. Turns out its the girl that has a blog I check out pretty frequently and didn't realize this is what her craft studio was like. Her blog is and she ALWAYS has the cutest stuff posted.

Here is some furniture I found that I think I want in the room. (Most of the stuff is Ikea)

The kids bathroom is upstairs next to the kids bedrooms and playroom. I want to do the aqua and green color combo, with the addtion to some frog decor.

The kids playroom will be a sunny/marigold yellow wall with accents of green, brown, red and blue.
I bought these Dwell Baby curtains on clearance at Target and love them.
The play table and chairs will be in red from Ikea, and the storage unit on the far wall is also from ikea. In the corner will be the "reading corner" where I'll have this neat canopy and there will be bean bags in coordinating colors. (From oriental trading company)



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