Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Baby Girl on the Brain

Since day 1 Tom has assured me that we are having a little girl. I was hesitant to think so--mainly because I want another cute fun little boy like Briggy---and a girl is a whole new territory that I'm not sure I'm ready to explore. But the past week or two, I keep thinking and referring to the baby as a girl.
I was right about Briggy, but the feeling was immediate. This time I feel so wishy-washy and I just want to know now!!!!
We have our ultra-sound appointment on Feb. 26th to find out the sex....and thankfully Tom will be there. (He's flying in the night before!)

I still can't stop thinking about girly things. Looking at girly clothes, how I will decorate her girly room....

Here are a few ideas for her room:

One of my favorite Heather Bailey fabrics:

I want the room to be bright/cheery and frisky. I'm not really into the baby pinks and pastels.
I want hot pink, orange, teal blue, yellow....
I think this fabric would make a great crib sheet/blankets.
The only thing I'm wondering about is if it would be practical as far as washing goes.

I like tutu tulle in those bright colors and would want them represented in some fashion throughout the room...either as a window valance, crib skirt, or table this: (but in my much cooler colors :)

Not to mention ALL THE GORGEOUS girl outfits out for spring--I love all of Carters new little girl dresses. Bright colors, polka dots, flowers...matching cardigans. Who could ask for more?

The anticipation is driving me nutso! I want to shoppppp! helpppppp!


Loralee and the gang...

I hopped over here from MMB...
I LOVE the tulle table skirt, and the fabric. You have really great taste! And as for being wishy washy about your baby being a girl, well, sometimes the dad's can have the inspiration instead! So hold on to that, and soon you'll be doing your little girly girl room...