Thursday, November 13, 2008

Home Management Notebook

I don't think I have ever blogged about my Home Management Notebook, but I made before our wedding day, so I would have it as a new wife. It has various sections: Correspondence, Monthly Calendar, Food (Weekly Menus, Grocery Lists, Food Storage Inventory/Info, Take out Menus, Quick Fix Recipes), Finances (Budget, Bills, Coupons), Inspiration (Scriptures, quotes, thoughts)...anyway, I made mine when I was living in-between homes, so I didn't have my scrapbooking supplies or access to a computer/ mine is very basic, and I recently decided to revamp it. Then I realized I have 3 wedding gifts to give in the matter of a month...I thought, why not give each new couple a notebook? I know its not extravagant and costly, but its homemade and useful. Hopefully they'll like it. Anyway, the first one I made was for The Wightmans. I just took a quick pic so you could visualize what I'm talking about.

I had my wisdom teeth pulled out today, and wooooweee, the novacaine started wearing off a couple hours ago and I am in a mess of pain!!!!!!!!! Stupid teeth. Why do we have them anyway?



That's a great idea for a wedding present...of course you always seem to have great ideas!

I hope you aren't in too much pain for too long...I remember having my wisdom teeth pulled when I was about 16, it wasn't a fun experience. If you need anything let me know!


I love this! This is one of the many areas I need to work on...organization!!! I think it's my