Monday, September 29, 2008

Projects I dream about....

Jocelyn makes tutu's....and they are so cute, but she sews---and I have never touched a sewing machine in my life! (although i want to learn.....) no-sew projects are more up my alley for the time being. after seeing her tutu's i searched online for "no sew" options, and came across this book:

She has a no sew 10 minute tutu, a no sew fleece mohawk hat (that i must make for brigham!) and lots of other really cute and simple projects for babies and toddlers!

I also came across these beauties on
She is awesome! Mormon women have the best blogs...they are all chocked full of so many fun ideas!

This tutu is exactly what I want to make for my niece, Addison...have the onesie with the A and the attached tutu...I have to figure this one out (jocelyn, any ideas?) and how cute is this camo-crayon belt!!!
I have been dreaming of these projects all week and just thought i'd share! I'm gonna go to the bookstore and see if I can get my hands on that book....



I did make a few tutus that were just hand tied the only "sewing I did was connecting the elastic with a needle and thread. they seriously take maybe 10 minutes max {depending on how much tulle you want to use.} and although I made a few tut's connected directly to the onesie most places I see them there are just safety pinned on. the monogram is quite easy too. there this new sew adhesive you can buy just cut it to the shape you want, iron it to your monogram letter, and then iron it onto the onesie, easy pezzi japaneese!

Rains Family

Addy would love that tutu!! And it would be too cute on her, sorry it would be hard to put Briggy in a tutu :(