Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Brianne's Baby Shower

The thing I was most nervous about happening when making the invitations for Brianne's baby shower was that I wouldn't make enough. I made 35, and I think I pretty much got everybody (except I forgot to keep one for myself!!! which isnt a biggie.....but I know there must have been a few people missing on Sunday because of the holiday....I know I didn't see Sister Ripley, and Im sure there are others---I dont want anyone to think I intentionally DIDNT invite them. SO, im just posting the info JUST in CASE anyone needs the info.
(Okay, and so I can show off to the the online-world how stinkin' cute the invites are. Well, I think they're stinkin cute, hopefully you all do too!)

(My favorite part of the invitations was the carmel-apple lollipops inside. I didnt take a picture, but I had a tag that read: you are the apple of my eye that was tied with raffia. I love those pops, but they were hard to find in AUGUST! (another reason I only made 35 invitations, because they only had 32 pops left at the sweet shop in the mall!)

Anyway, here is the information, in case you can't read off from the picture:

Brianne is having a baby girl
Lets Celebrate!

Thursday, September 25th
7:30 pm

Sister Jennifer Baird's home

by September 18th



Hey, the invites are way cute. I am planning on attending. Can I RSVP here! You are an amazing woman!

another day in the life of...

the invites were a big hit among the west's and non-west's. way cute! i'll be there.