Saturday, August 23, 2008

Low Country Cookies

We're planning on visiting Greg tomorrow after church at his potluck party. I completely forgot about making something until this morning (good thing I remembered before the grocery store trip!) I was watching my girl, Paula Deen the other day and she had this recipe on the show....they looked reallllly yummy. So, this is what I finally decided to make. Can't wait to eat one :)

Low Country Cookies

1 (16 oz) box graham crackers
1 1/2 sticks of butter (you know paula!)
1 cup sugar
1 egg
1/2 milk
1 cup chopped pecans
1 cup shredded coconut

2 cups powdered sugar
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 stick of butter
3 tbsp. milk

For filling: line a 13x9 pan with whole graham crackers. Melt the butter in a saucepan and add sugar. Beat egg and milk together; add to butter mixture. Bring to boil, stirring constantly. Remove from heat. Add the nuts, coconut, and 1 cup of graham cracker crumbs. Pour over the crackers in the pan. Cover with another layer of whole graham crackers.
For the topping: Beat all the ingredients together and spread over top layer of crackers.
Chill. Cut into squares.

I love how Paula always seems to manage incorporating at least two sticks of butter in almost all her recipes. a girl after my own heart!