Sunday, August 3, 2008

Dizzy Dandelion

Recently I set up an etsy account and made a blog for my *new* craft project. I've always loved making crafts, but lacked the self-confidence to do anything with them. (when you have a sister like jessie, everything you make seems mediocre compared to what she can do...) but she encouraged me, along with a few other family members, and'll be my little project for the time being. i think i might invite my friend ambyr to join me, so if we do actually bring our stuff to craft fairs, i'll have someone to do it with. im going to visit her tomorrow with my plan. i know a bazillion people do this, and their stuff is probably a lot nicer than mine...but its more to help me with my confidence...a personal journey if you will. ha, im such a goob. anyway, i made this last night for a friend...her baby girl was just baptized and i missed the ceremony, so i thought i'd drop by and give her a little something. its nothing fancy--i whipped it together really fast...and i know i can do even better....but these cutesy kind of gifts are what i plan on making....

im currently working on another gift for my sister-in-law that i will be able to post soon (as soon as she gets it--i dont want to spoil the surprise!)
anyway, there is nothing up yet on the blog, except a way cute background!!! but the address is:



it is so cute, kel! the brown paint looks great over the pink and i love the font of the scripture verse... that pink and brown ribbon just keeps going and going, huh? if i have any more, you can have it, i never use it. i'll take a look in my stash.