Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Visiting Teaching

Right now, i am currently calling-less. i miss having one, but after reading teresa andersen's blog (okay, im not a creep-o ---i just totally love her, i dont know her, she doesnt know me...but i love her! shes jocelyn's relative and always has the nicest stuff posted, she is the super mormon lady i strive to be! ---- anyway, she has a nice little blurb about visiting teaching and that IS my calling right now. ive been a member of the church since late fall 2004 and i have never been diligent about visiting my assigned gals. i always feel rotten about it, but i never seemed to get it done. well, brianne is my companion and she is very studious about making appointments (halleluiah) so i have tried to step it up with my ladies. its nothing major or enlightening...but i put together a little bag with some homemade icecream recipe cards (they are wicked cute...go to for the insanly cute downloads) a quotation from president hinckley that relates to july's visiting teaching lesson on our bodies being sacred and made in Heavenly Father's image....and some iceream cone cupcakes. i dont have fancy pastry bags to make them really cute like i had at my parents house, but they taste good! kiddo's and husbands alike should enjoy them for the upcoming holiday :) anyway, thats that.


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You are hardly the only one whose not good about your VT. Of course you already know that since I'm your VT... The cupcakes look cute!


hey kel, i came across a recipe blog i thought you'd like. there aren't too many recipes, but i thought you'd like the layout and some of them have cute scrapped recipes you can print.



I've got a great visiting teaching companion! Thank you for all you do for the sister's we visit. Like I said, I have not one creative bone in my's nice to know that you will always show up with something cute to share! They were inspired when they put us together :)