Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My new obsession

Last week Tom and I were desperate to find something to watch. Briggy was asleep and we could actually give our full attention to a program....but nothing was on! We have comcast...and we frequent the ON DEMAND part where there is free movies and tv shows. I came across an AMC original show called "Mad Men" I guess it was popular because it won all sorts of awards--but we had never heard of it. Anyway, they have the entire first season saved on the on demand "hot picks"
Its set in 1960. The main character (who is an absolute HUNK if you ask me---and looks strikingly similar to a certain husband I have!) Is Don Draper and he is an Ad executive. If you dont know already, I love that time frame. All fashion and lifestyle from about 1945-1965 is my absolute favorite. I love the Red-Head secretary's wardrobe...she is insanely beautiful. Don's wife, Betty is the actress January Jones---I know I've heard her name before, Im just not sure what Ive seen her in...she is also stunning with a beautiful wardrobe. I just wish we could dress like that again. Dont be suprized if one day I start dressing like that and never turn back! I wish! Its so hard to find nice vintage pieces that are a bazillion dollars. Anyway, the content of the show is A LITTLE scandalous. I dont watch any of those Desperate Housewife shows or anything....and I defintely dont think its at that caliber...I guess you'd have to be the judge---there is sexual innuendo, EVERYONE smokes and drinks....but its very historically correct! We really liked it, and season 2 is starting up in two weeks. Its on late sunday night---but they have it on ON DEMAND the next day. Anyway, just thought I'd share my new obsession!



I have never heard of this before. Happy watching. It is great when husband and wife can agree on what to watch on the tube.