Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ten Things to Try

1. Pay the price for strength and progress in the challenging role of wife and mother by taking time for daily scripture reading and prayer.
2. Do a quick "Priorities-Check-Up". Ask yourself if you are making timein your life for the things you value most.
3. Work with your own mood swings and energy levels.
4. Have a system for accomplishing your housekeeping tasks. A plan, time-limits, and an established routine can help you use your time more effectively.
5. Make routine work pleasant by listening to tapes, memorizing, planning, or meditating while you do chores which take little concentration.
6. Schedule an "island of time" for yourself each day and watch your morale improve(blogging!!)
7. Share your interests with your children. If you write poetry,read and discuss it with them; if you paint, let them watch and imitate you.
8. Give your best to your family by doing your best for yourself. (developing your own interests and taking care of your appearance..etc.)
9. Try new ways to show your husband love and support. Pray for him in family prayers, tell the children (in his presence) how grateful you are for their special father, or plan a special program to honor him.
10. Keep an "eternal perspective", remembering that if you trust in the Lord, do your work well, and put first things first-"the best is yet to come!"
To parents, with love pg 43-44



I have to agree with this list, particularly the "island of time" for yourself. A few years ago I started taking what we call at our house "Mom's night out!" I try to keep it on the same day of the week, but sometimes it gets moved for one reason or another. It has been life altering. I am a more patient, loving, and capable mother when I have time to recharge my "mom batteries." It doesn't have to cost much either. I usually end up at the local bookstore, ya know the ones with the sofas, and I grab a "mormon Joe" which is hot chocolate, and I read in total silence. It is blissful! Thanks for the post!