Monday, June 16, 2008


I have been wanting to have a seperate blog where I could detail some projects, thoughts and tips about my life as a happy homemaker! I have always known that my calling/career and life would be wife and mother. I am truly blessed that I have had the opportunity to be given those roles, and it is my daily prayer that I can live up to those roles and make my home and family the happiest they can be. When I lived in Provo with my best-friend Alisa and her family I stumbled upon this great book:

I have been searching for a copy myself, and I finally found a used book website that has connections with utah-based book stores that have this 1964 copy! So hopefully I'll have it in my hands again soon!
My wonderfully crafty and creative sister, Jessie who is a brillant florist out in SLC (just wanted to plug how great you are) sent me two books recently that have taken the first two slots on my summer reading list!

While reading The Joys of Homemaking (TJOH) the other day, I knew I wanted my own little space online to share all the joys and fun homemaking can be! I think housewifery and homemaking has gotten a bad wrap over the past few decades. Although I am starting to see a comeback in the lifestyle, I still feel that a lot of women will say "Im just a stay at home mom" My own mother says that all the time. That ERKS the heck out of me. My mother has done a great job in raising us. I had such a pleasant childhood compared to many others. She is the reason I always wanted to be a homemaker. Homemaking is a divine calling that all women should embrace. Heavenly Father says so, and when Heavenly Father says jump.... I say how high?!
*ps* I dont want to offend anyone who is not a housewife and holds a career outside of the home. I am sure you are brilliant at what you do, and if you're happy, Im happy*

Just a thought from the author of TJOH

We have an eternal perspective: We are building homes to last forever.

Hopefully I can have a little fun with this blog, will receive a lot of feedback (I want to post cute things any of you gals are doing) and this wont be too lame....


another day in the life of...

I am so impressed. I'll be sure to check back often to see what inspiration I can get. I love my job as an 'domestic engineer' too!