Thursday, November 13, 2008

Home Management Notebook

I don't think I have ever blogged about my Home Management Notebook, but I made before our wedding day, so I would have it as a new wife. It has various sections: Correspondence, Monthly Calendar, Food (Weekly Menus, Grocery Lists, Food Storage Inventory/Info, Take out Menus, Quick Fix Recipes), Finances (Budget, Bills, Coupons), Inspiration (Scriptures, quotes, thoughts)...anyway, I made mine when I was living in-between homes, so I didn't have my scrapbooking supplies or access to a computer/ mine is very basic, and I recently decided to revamp it. Then I realized I have 3 wedding gifts to give in the matter of a month...I thought, why not give each new couple a notebook? I know its not extravagant and costly, but its homemade and useful. Hopefully they'll like it. Anyway, the first one I made was for The Wightmans. I just took a quick pic so you could visualize what I'm talking about.

I had my wisdom teeth pulled out today, and wooooweee, the novacaine started wearing off a couple hours ago and I am in a mess of pain!!!!!!!!! Stupid teeth. Why do we have them anyway?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Calling all Crafters....

Local crafters, that is...that actually look at this blog....
I was hoping to ask a favor.
Do any of you have a scallop puncher thingy? I was hoping to make a little project that I would need it for, but I am a cheapskate right now, and don't want to shell out the $20 bucks (WHY are they so MUCH?) Anyway, just thought I'd ask.
Thanks, everybody.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Another coupon....

Well, I just got a message from my mother-in-law that she saved a BUNDLE of money by using that Christmas Tree Shop coupon I posted a week or so ago! I came across this coupon and naturally thought of her (she loves this place) but Im sure most of you love it too...
Bath and Body works! They always have yummy holiday soaps and lotions.

$10 off a $30 in-store purchase. Not bad.

click HERE and you'll be able to print it out!

mmmmm.....they have the sweet cinnamon pumpkin on sale (all halloween stuff is still on sale) and my FAVORITE winter candy apple. (I have contemplated swiping my mother-in-laws bottle in the guest bathroom many times....hehe) now I can get my own :)

I'm not crazy....

that's what I've been telling myself over and over this week--as I've been pureeing my little heart out. Normally I try to do it in two days, but somehow with the election, appointments, getting a cold....its lasted about five days on and off. As I am steaming, mashing and pureeing into the wee hours of the am, I started thinking to myself, am I crazy--is this even worth it? I am by no means a healthy eater, but I am passionate about Brigham eating and liking foods other than french fries. This process has also helped me develop a more open mind for myself as well. So eating organic, crazy healthy foods (flaxseed meal and brewers yeast...)it is worth it for my little boy. He has grown so well, so fast, he's so healthy....he had a runny nose once, but I don't even think that was a cold--I think it was in response to him I am VERY VERY blessed to have my little preemie baby grow to be so healthy and strong! So that aspect, its totally worth it--and I honestly recommend this way of eating for all babies. But is it that cost efficient? YES YES YES! Have you GLANCED at the prices of organic gerber/earth best jarred food? When I need a fast on the run meal, I have purchased the Gerber organic food which is approximately $1.59. I have seen it a few cents more or less at different places, but thats about the average price. If you have a smaller baby, or one with not an enormous appetite, one of the two little plastic containers is enough--but Brigham can down both.....not to mention there isn't much a variety in the organic choices you have. I usually get mine at Big Y (they have like 2 flavors in the smaller containers at Walmart :( )
and the choices are usually: green beans, sweet potato, pears, bananas. thats it. Maybe your local grocery store carries more of a variety, but thats usually the few I see.
So Briggy eats three big meals a day, plus one small/medium "snack" between lunch and dinner. that would be about $5 a day.

Well here is a list of my purchases at Trader Joes:
(we go once a month, because it is a 40 minute if I lived closer, I might by less and do its bi-weekly....for space convinence)

2 Organic cut Butternut Squash: 1.99 each
A bunch of bananas (I usually don't buy organic bananas) 1.33
Organic green beans: 4.29
Organic yellow squash (2 big ones) 2.99
2 bags of Organic broccoli florets: 2.99 each
Organic russet potatoes (5 lbs) 4.29
2 bags of Organic pears: 3.49 each
1 bag of 4 organic kiwi's: 2.29
2 2 lb bags of organic sweet potatoes: 3.79 each
Organic gala apples: 4.69
4 sacks of organic avocados (16 total) 4.99 each

Our grand total, with tax was: $62.25 and we have enough for a little over a month.
I also buy the big 32 oz. tub of Stoneyfield's organic whole milk plain yogurt which is $4.29 at Big Y. If you buy the individual "Yo baby" yogurts, its 4.29 for 24 oz's.

I go through two tubs of the yogurt a month, because I feed it to him every other day. so that's another $8.58. I for see the flax meal lasting me 1 1/2 or 2 months, and that was $2. I also buy the Gerber meat dinners, or the earth best organic meat dinners when they are on sale (20 for $10 etc) so I spend approximately $80 a month of food for Brigham making my homemade organics....

but if I bought the organic jars, and yo baby yogurt I would be spending approximately $175. So, to me, thats definitely worth it. Not to mention, Brigham is getting a wide variety of fruits and veggies that he just wouldn't get in jars.
ANNNNND if you said to yourself, well, I'll just by regular jarred baby food and not organic, that total (along with the yogurt and dinners) would STILL be more than the homemade organic meal-plan, coming in at about $130!!
I understand that its not for everyone, but I am sticking to my guns on this one---the only thing is I wish I had a bigger freezer!!!!!!! I hardly have any room in there for anything other than baby food, but it helps me NOT buy ice cream.... :)

This picture I took the other day, doesn't even have all the purees, its missing the squash and half the potatoes!

In conclusion: Jarred Baby food meal-plan: $130 a month
Jarred Organic Baby food meal plan: $175 a month
Homemade Organic Baby food meal plan: $80 a month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!